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I believe that Relias ought to combine all of their program files and make them available to full access learners (at minimum).


Here is my reasoning: I am copying this to my blog post in Relias if you want to read it later.

  • Integrated healthcare is upon us now. These systems (Senior care, criminal justice, health and human services, and the developmental disabled communities) ought to be speaking to each other. Since they do not currently speak to each other and Care Management and Coordination is not available everywhere, employees that have to cater to the needs of their clientele, their families, government agencies, insurance companies, pharmacies, nonprofits,and more, we ought to be able to at least have an opportunity to become educated about these issues if we choose.
  • Integrated Care is not going to go away because CMS (the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid) and the Affordable Care Act are working toward integration and saving lives; therefore, we ought to get on-board the now, before it is too late.
  • Integrated Care saves lives so if you are unaware of its meaning and/or believe it doesn't save lives, please check out this website for more information What is Integrated Care / SAMHSA-HRSA.
    • The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Administration - HRSA has tons of information available that you may download for free. If you are not aware, this government agency is funded with our tax dollars, so go discover what they have to offer.
    • For example, peer workers, including Peer Specialists, Family Advocates, and Wellness Coaches, and others they have the Whole Health Action Management (WHAM) program available in English and Spanish Overview / SAMHSA-HRSA
      • You can find the Mental Health First Aid, Tobacco Cessation, Wellness Strategies, and a plethora of other information on this website, including but not limited to Clinical Practice and Operations and Administration.
  • People in the mental health community are dying 25 years prior to the general public; therefore, this is a health crisis that ought to be addressed. I do not want to preach to the choir here because I know many of you already know this horrible fact.

What I am so aware of is that I have been on a mission to change attitudes, behaviors, systems, and the like since my former (yes I hate the word ex) husband was diagnosed with Bipolar disorder right after I married him in August or September of 1990, so I am so tired right now. I was told it was my fault and it was not my dang fault. He had a biological/chemical imbalance. However, that did not stop the system for sucking then, ignoring me as his wife or ignoring his children. Thank  goodness we have come this far, but there is still much to do.
If all ya all could just communicate with each other, I believe we might be able to change the current system, processes, and more importantly Quit the following:
1) warehousing persons with mental illnesses in prisons or jails or creating laws that ensure they are incarcerated. I am sorry but the Correctional System plain and simply sucks big time, in my humble opinion. It is not trauma informed, it is antiquated, it is set up for people to fail, and the cost to those that get out and/ or are available as fdriends and family suffer because of this ridiculous system.

  •      There is a much better way, but I cannot seem to make the jump to make this system listen to anything I have to say, because basically the system is set up to believe the police officers, those that have money and can afford an attorney; hate prosecutors, judges who think they know the answer based on whatever is presented; and it is seriously frustrating to me. Children, parents, people who have done no wrong have paid dearly for the mistakes of this system.

2) putting people with mental illnesses in nursing homes because there is no other place to put them. Who the heck wants to be in a nursing home let alone when you are in your 20s, 30s, or 40s because you have a mental illness.

3) housing these individuals in mental health hospitals where they do not belong, people want freedom from seclusion and restraints. I know I hated being tired down in my last hospitalization. The creeps hurt me and my wrist and thumb still hurt but I seem not to be able to find justice or a way to sue them, and to ensure that others with mental illnesses are disrespected and humiliated the way I was in December of 2014.


Instead, find other solutions for those who have mental health conditions, substance use disorders, and/or trauma issues.This includes veterans and their families who need people to services and programs to support their transition back to our community.

Queensryche on Tour Now

Posted by 1522748 Administrator Feb 1, 2016

I am very stoked about Queensryche coming to Denver on February 3, 2016. I am extremely excited about meeting the men who have provided me years of entertainment (including the new guys on the block, Mr. Todd LaTorre and Parker Lundgren). To me these men are 'old friends' but have that I have not yet had the pleasure to meet. It will be a pleasure to hang out with them and just get to know them.

Level I

Posted by 1522748 Administrator Nov 12, 2015

I completed the Level I Certification. Yeah. I can barely type so not much to offer today.


Posted by 1522748 Administrator Nov 10, 2015

This is my first post. Since I can only type with one hand, I have very little to add today.