2020 LHI Topics Report Card

Blog Post created by 1253521 Support on Apr 20, 2014

LHI Topics are the Leading Health Indicators that were created by Health People 2020.  Healthy People 2020 has established a 10 year action plan that includes national goals for improving the health of our country.  These indicators are organized into 12 topics:

1) Access to Health Services

2) Clinical Preventive Services

3) Environmental Quality

4) Injury and Violence

5) Maternal, Infant, and Child Health

6) Mental Health

7) Nutrition, Physical Activity, and Obesity

8) Oral Health

9) Reproductive and Sexual Health

10) Social Determinants

11) Substance Abuse

12) Tobacco


There is no doubt that health challenges in our nation still remain but I believe in the indicators that Healthy People 2020 has established and put into plan.  These indicators can give us real and tangible information that will help provide us with the knowledge needed to make our nation a healthier one.


According to HHS.gov:

"There are 14 health indicators that have either been met or are improving in this first third of the decade, including:Fewer adults smoking cigarettes;Fewer children exposed to secondhand smoke; More adults meeting physical activity targets; and Fewer adolescents using alcohol or illicit drugs."


As a mid-decade check-in the above information is very positive!  However, this is still much needed work to obtain healthy goals for this decade based on results posted by Healthy People 2020:

Status of HP 2020 Leading Health Indicators


I believe this campaign and effort to educate the public on our health goals could use some much need publicity.  I was not even aware of these indicators until recently but they definitely have my attention now!  I hope the next status report has even more positive news for the health of our people!