Health Care must Industrialize, agree?

Blog Post created by 1823873 Employee on May 16, 2014

Recently, at the National Council Annual Conference in Washington, D.C., Jeffrey Brenner (M.D. of the Camden Coalition of Healthcare Providers) gave his insight into a current, and major, health care topic. What steps can the health care industry take to improve quality of service and health outcomes while lowering costs? Is this even possible? According to Brenner, the answer is yes, and the path to achieving these outcomes is through health care industrialization. An industrialized system would focus on developing acutely specific practices aimed at using standardized methods of treatment. In order to make this possible, Brenner believes we must segment populations to effectively monitor individual needs, and this can be achieved by focusing on DATA, CLINICAL DESIGN, AND PATIENT ENGAGEMENT. To learn more about these specific steps, visit Health Care Must Industrialize! - OPEN MINDS.


While this is just a very brief overview of Brenner's model to improve health care quality and lower cost, I'm curious as to what other ideas people are hearing in the field about this topic. Share your thoughts, insights, ideas, knowledge; I'd love to hear what others have to say.