World Suicide Prevention Day 9/10/2014

Blog Post created by 1823873 Employee on Sep 10, 2014

Today is the International Association of Suicide Prevention's World Suicide Prevention Day. I think it is important to realize how important suicide awareness is. Almost 800,000 people die each year from suicide, nearly one person every 40 seconds. According to IASP's website, that is more than the deaths from wars and homicides combined. Often times the struggles of those vulnerable to suicide go unnoticed by those closest to them and in a position to help. "Studies have shown that social isolation can increase the risk of suicide and, conversely, that having strong human bonds can be protective against it. Reaching out to those who have become disconnected from others and offering them support and friendship may be a life-saving act (IASP)." I encourage everyone to visit IASP's World Suicide Prevention Day website to learn more; http://www.iasp.info/wspd/index.php. The website contains a multitude of great links, info-graphics, .PDFs, and other informative sources.