Dark Web Drug Sites

Blog Post created by 793014 Administrator on Nov 12, 2014

Really interesting article from the LA Times online today about the "Dark Web" (usually called Deep Web) and how it is used for illegal activities. For those of you who are not familiar, the Dark Web is the collective name for websites and files that are not indexed by search engines, which makes them difficult to find or hidden from most users. This makes it a good tool for those engaging in illegal activities to use as their main throughfare.


The article talks about how law enforcement officers internationally are cracking down on these sites, including making arrests and shutting the sites down. For me, one of the interesting things that is somewhat glossed over is how local law enforcement agencies deal with these kind of issues. It seems like the FBI is primarily in charge of handling these cases, but what role do local agencies have in this struggle? I would be interested to hear some of your thoughts on this as well.


Link to the article: 'Dark Web' drug site poses new challenge for law enforcement - LA Times