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Oh my!!!! State is in the building for their annual survey .  The bad thing is that not only is this the first one of my new position, but also the first survey where I have been anything but a floor nurse!  I usually worked 3rd shift and never even saw any surveyors.  Wish us luck!

My favorite meal has to include black beans and rice


Goodbye for Now

Posted by 2341678 Employee Apr 11, 2016

Till we meet again this isn't the end,

just a new beginning in time.

I will miss my residents and my co-working friends,

till we meet again.

I pray that life works out for those going to school, and work doesn't become a gruel.

till we meet again,

Chow, and Good bye for now!

I hope that we can meet up again someday

and be able to make up for lost time along the way, but many are busy

I do understand, I just want you all to know, that you made it fun working at the Woods!

It helped pass the time away, even though I am leaving

I am only a facebook away, so stay in touch, blessings to you all, and continued good health!

To my coworkers at Heritage Woods of Centralia!