Goodbye for Now

Blog Post created by 2341678 Employee on Apr 11, 2016

Till we meet again this isn't the end,

just a new beginning in time.

I will miss my residents and my co-working friends,

till we meet again.

I pray that life works out for those going to school, and work doesn't become a gruel.

till we meet again,

Chow, and Good bye for now!

I hope that we can meet up again someday

and be able to make up for lost time along the way, but many are busy

I do understand, I just want you all to know, that you made it fun working at the Woods!

It helped pass the time away, even though I am leaving

I am only a facebook away, so stay in touch, blessings to you all, and continued good health!

To my coworkers at Heritage Woods of Centralia!