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What is GISHWHES? GISHWHES stands for "the Greatest International Scavenger Hunt the World Has Ever Seen," and it is a crazy week-long affair that challenges its participants to do the unthinkable, the kind, the weird. The GISHWHES motto is "Death 2 Normalcy." Gishers, as participants are called, are given a task list at a specified time on day 1 of the hunt, and are given a week to complete their tasks. They must provide photographic or video evidence of completion for each item, which is specified in the task list. There are other rules, some serious, some silly: items may not be "outsourced" (completed by non-team members), videos must not be longer than 14 seconds in length, and this year, water containing ice was banned.


Items range from kind (raising money for Syrian refugees, volunteering at an organization that serves veterans, running a voter-registration drive), to silly (selling "bottled air," having people sign a petition to "save the endangered unicorn," making shoes out of pineapples), to interpretative ("rainbow teeth" was a prompt this year, as was "live your dream - the one you had last night"). Some items are impossible or near-impossible to complete (get a child's drawing to replace a $100,000 painting in an art museum, get a payload into space.

While Gishing can be very competitive, with some teams spending hundreds - if not thousands - of dollars on their submissions, the vast majority of teams participate for the sheer fun of stepping outside of their comfort zone, or in order to be recognized in other ways. The winners are taken on a trip of a lifetime to somewhere with the celebrity that helms this insane hunt - Misha Collins. Past winners have gone to Scotland, Croatia, and this year, Iceland. For those who aren't playing to win, there is the added draw of a Hall of Fame each year, as well as a  coffee table book containing the year's best submissions. In addition to the spirit of competition, Gishwhes has also broken eight world records, which can be found here: GISHWHES - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia .


The Gishwhes website is GISHWHES :: GISHWHES  and its parent organization, Random Acts (a nonprofit that commits acts of kindness throughout the world, such as building orphanages and digging wells) can be found here Random Acts - Non-profit dedicated to acts of kindness worldwide.


My team created a blog to display all of our submissions from this year, which can be found here: GISHteen Candles | GISHWHES 2016. I hope you enjoy.