Second Time Around

Blog Post created by 5950756 Administrator on Aug 17, 2016

Arriving at work one day and being told that your position has been eliminated as of now, certainly has an unbalancing effect on your life.  All the “Where, What's, and Why” become like a run-on sentence in your mind.

Then, you wake up the next day and make a plan…


I was lucky enough to find an Organization that has been in business for many years and has a stellar reputation in the Community in proving services in the non-profit sector.  They just created a new position for an Electronic Health Records Training Specialist and someone who is familiar with RELIAS eLearning.  What do you know, that is the exact same position that my previous organization eliminated due to loss of funding. 


So here I find myself, part of a great organization with the nicest people you can imagine.  There is no waste here.  It’s all about the programs and services offered to clients.  They have the foresight to know that Training is essential in giving staff all the tools they need to continue providing excellent services especially as the non-profits are moving into the Electronic Records world.


So I am happily learning another IT System, Organizational processes, and reconnecting with RELIAS.  My questions will continue to be plentiful in Connect.  Thank you in advance!