Stress Relief...we all need it!

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 If you aren't careful, stress can have major affects on your mental and physical health. The most common stress relief techniques that we use are eating fatty "comfort" foods, drinking alcohol or shopping. All of which can then lead to bigger problems if not controlled, adding more stress than what you started with in the first place. Finding healthy ways to combat stress in the workplace is a necessity to avoid burnout. Here are a few ways to combat stress according to Rishi Chowdhury (2010).

1. Take a walk- This is the easiest and most common stress reliever that people think of, but it really is effective. Take a quick 15 min and walk outside. Put on some music and breathe in the fresh air.

2. Make your life easier- Try to create your schedule around what works for you as much as you can. Plan out your day ahead of time and be flexible when things don't go as planned.

3. A sweet snack- According to Rishi "It has been found that dark chocolate is high in antioxidants and the consumption of chocolate triggers the release of endorphins in our brain, which as previously mentioned, are chemicals that make us happy" (2010).

4. Plan ahead- This is a huge one for reducing stress. I, personally, plan all of my meals for the week ahead and pick out all of my outfits. This creates less stress for me when I am running late in the morning or I don't know what to have for dinner when I get home after a long day. It will also save you money grocery shopping since you will buy only what you need for the meals you have planned (in a perfect world!).

5. Laugh it off- Laughter really is the best medicine. Look up some jokes, be silly with a friend, set your spotify to a comedy station.


Rishi lists some more techiques in the article and I will post the link so you can look for yourself.


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What other stress relief techniques do you use that could helpful to your coworkers?


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