The Summer of Changes

Blog Post created by 4900736 Employee on Sep 6, 2016

This summer, like all other summers, has been hot and humid, mixed in with clouds and sunshine.  However, my sister's oldest son turned 16 this July. I asked my sister where the time has gone, and she said "I don't know!"  So, my nephew got his learner's permit earlier this year, and when he turned 16 he got his drivers license!  And my grandma gave him her car. My grandma is 93 years old and she moved to an assisted living facility earlier this spring.  My grandma and I have grown closer since her husband, my grandpa, passed away several years ago.  I call her on the phone often and write letters to her as well.  She tells me she misses grandpa a lot.  I believe her.   She has been a quilter for many, many years.  She says it keeps her busy. She now walks with a cane and her mind is not as fresh as it once was. However, she still quilts.