Senority must not matter!

Blog Post created by 2341678 Employee on Dec 14, 2016

My co-worker and I have been scheduled on Thanksgiving of this year, and we are scheduled on Christmas Eve and Christmas, but the new hire which took another person's spot was able to get both Christmas Eve and Christmas off.  This individual has no children, unlike my co-worker and I and I just think it sucks.  I also think it sucks for my one co-worker because Christmas Eve and Christmas Day falls on her actual weekend off.  Hmm, where is the justification of that, sorry just venting.  It also sucks working midnight shift because you cannot find anyone willing to work, not even when your sick and shouldn't be around residents sick, but either you find your replacement or you work.  I work when I am sick because I don't like calling in and placing a burden on other shifts.  End Post!!