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Starbucks OR Dunkin' Donuts?

Posted by 5692256 Employee Feb 17, 2017

Okay so I know most people are thinking what in the heck?? Why does someone want to know this.. Hear me out!!

I'm asking because, 99.9% of us on here are working in health care careers or teaching or some type of job that requires an early morning CORRECT?! AND we all need that morning "pick me up" because "I don't want to be up yet" but "I need some energy" or "it's going to be one of those types of days"


WELL!! Now tell me what place you like your morning coffee from & what your absolute favorite flavor of coffee to drink is!?


(This is just a fun conversation, ENJOY!!)


I enjoy personally, to go into starbucks, and get myself a Vanilla Bean Creme' Frappuccino!! YUMMY!!

Have a great day everyone!!!   


Favorite Quote

Posted by 5692256 Employee Feb 17, 2017



in life is A


-Scott Hamilton


A New Discovery

Posted by 5950756 Administrator Feb 15, 2017

Through RELIAS Connect, I was able to figure out a solution to a problem I encountered, by collaborating with another RELIAS Connect Member.   I needed to add Work Flow Processes to my Organization's RELIAS Library.   These are not courses created in PowerPoint, rather documents of text and screen shots with an Exam attached.   The problem was that when I tried to upload the document, the screen shots were omitted.  


Amy Sanders  and I discovered an easy solution by re-configuring the document to a PDF format, you can Upload the Context, create an Exam, and add it to your Library.  As I develop more Processes, they will be stored in one (paperless) place.


With the implementation of an Electronic Health Record (E H R), this supplemental option of offering learning tools combined with live training, will assist in the learning experience and hopefully accelerate the process in obtaining the desired outcome.