The State of Man

Blog Post created by 664337 Employee on Apr 16, 2018

Did anyone watch the hearings last week with Mark Zuckerberg?  I found it pretty enlightening and it created this sense of "where are we headed" type thinking.  Social Media, its so prevalent in our culture.  We connect with virtual strangers all over the place to have "meaningful" relationships.  I see some of my "friends" on FB bragging about how large their "friend list" is.  we give way too much information over the web about ourselves and then shake our fists at the lack of privacy we have on the net.  I am in awe of the things you can buy, sell or trade through social media, some things I never would have sought after.  Which brings me to the state of man?  Who are we anymore?  What is important to us? Do we connect with real live people anymore?  I realize that as I write this, I am trying to "connect" with people I don't know, but I have been seriously pondering this for the past week.  I try to have a monthly gathering of ladies at my house and do you know how hard it is to get even 2 people to commit?  everyone is "so busy" living life that the only way I can connect with actual friends is through social media.  I miss the days of coffee klatches, lunch dates, and just hanging out, catching up.  I mean to sit across from someone, look at them, see their eyes, notice their clothing, their hair, everything about them.  We cannot do that through the web.  I am trying my hardest in this wicked world to change things in my little circle and I would like to see others try to do this too.  We know the whole ripple in a pond idea, so lets be the ripples, lets make some waves and in the process become human again.  How many times have you checked the box "I am not a robot" ?  Did you ever stop to ask yourself why they do that?  If you keep up with the AI technology and where we are headed in that direction, you might understand.  But then I think, since AI's get smarter as they progress, would they not be able at some point to check that box?  Anyway, something to ponder as you go through your day and I hope you too will become a ripple in the water, shaking things up a bit.