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Today is a Good Day

Posted by 664337 Employee Aug 7, 2018

Today is not Monday.  That is a good thing.  Today is Taco Tuesday, that is a good thing.  But some might say, oh Friday is so far away.............. It may seem like that, but I wonder why we are always wishing the days away.  Why do we want every day to be Friday?  Can you imagine if each week was made up of that one day we love so much and then its the weekend again?  How fast time would go by, how quickly those little ones in our lives would be growing up, how quickly the seasons of our lives would pass.  Enjoy the day, find the joy in it.  Friday is just one day of a week filled with promise and hope.  Don't wish you days away, embrace them with gusto and realize that you are on a mission every single day.