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Just Smile no matter what

Posted by 6001863 Employee Oct 24, 2016

So i work in a place that has bars, cop cars, orange jump suits, and Bob Barker attire. Every once in a while that one person really gets to me. I know there's a lot of media negative attention on Law Enforcement. In my 10 yrs I just Smile and tell them have a good day and good luck in court.

Beautiful people

Posted by 6001863 Employee Oct 11, 2016

We are 11 days into October. I wanted to tell you fighters and survivors that our family always has your back. We do as much as we can year around. You are so Beautiful to us. Keep the fight going. We love you.

Well another story from the book of lies. I understand that people like to impress. Wow, how many time can you say that you were a federal agent. CIA,FBI, or Forest Service? What is it? Sometimes my head hurts during the day due to this. I started to call this person out and feelings have gotten hurt. I don't even feel bad. Well shiver me timbers. Just found out that there is another fibber on the way . This transfer I know very well. His state of fame is that he is the only one in the world that got blown of a carrier and survived. NOT TRUE..LOOK IT UP. What do i do.?? I'm so ..well you know.

Debbie downers are so dangerous. I have a fellow officer that I work with. Yes we work in a jail. Very negative work place. Why should it be that way? Just a job. Well as this rotation goes on, negative comments have become the talk around the water cooler. Now theirs three that follow the negativity of one. Wont listen to a positive word I say. Sometimes it ruins my day. Not anymore. Smile and do my thing. Two more months I,'ll be with another shift. There is no place for that much hate I say. There is more places to work. Just saying