Blended Learning - What is the hype all about?

Blog Post created by 926284 Administrator on May 14, 2014

With all the talk these days about blended learning, I'm curious as to how different organizations implement successful blended learning training assignments.  What are popular topics to cover and what learning components go into a blended learning assignment?  For instance, are blended learning training plans compromised of pre-work, online courses, live in-person trainings, webinars, conferences, exams, evaluations, etc?  How are the components of a blended learning training plan sequenced, if at all?  Do different levels of learning (target audience, desired level of learning, etc) require a drastically different plan or are there commonalities

As I was browsing online for more information, I stumbled across a really neat article (https://blended.online.ucf.edu/process/building-your-course/) which mapped blended learning plans into 'blueprints.'  Within the blueprint, a description of the training is linked to training goals, which are then linked to learning objectives, which are then linked to learning outcomes.  Looked to me like a great, detailed way to get started creating a blended learning assignment!