Katrina Ong

A few best practices for Senior Care clients

Blog Post created by Katrina Ong Support on Jun 13, 2014

1. Creating an incentive: Many of our clients with the highest adoption/completion rate, tie the course completions to bonus eligibility. Some tie course completions to the right to be able to work, but we have seen it best played out as a bonus eligibility criteria.

2. A System for Career Advancement: As some organizations are moving to salary grading for positions, some clients have included “tracks” for certain levels of professions. For example for a “bronze” level CNA to move to “silver,” he/she may need to have worked a certain number of years at the organization or a certain number of years outside the organization plus have completed the “silver” track curriculum, which can include more advanced skills that you may want staff members to have. With the new competency tracking tool, clients can also integrate this into their “tracks” requiring that CNAs demonstrate proficiency in advanced tasks to achieve the next level.

3. A System for “Teachable Moments”: If a facility is cited for an infraction, part of the corrective action plan can often include education. By filtering for F-tag and matching appropriate courses, organizations often submit a completion report as part of proof of enacting and completing the corrective action plan.

4. Crafting the space: One former Silverchair client actually spray painted a chair silver and designated that station as the location for taking training. Other organizations created a small dedicated classroom. We have seen folks really take crafting the space to whole new level. See some of the pictures enclosed.

Dedicated Training Room.jpg

Small Dedicated Training Room Onsite with 4 computers near the HR department; purposefully placed training room next to HR because users needed consistent computer help at first. There are 2 additional computers in another wing where learners can take their assigned courses.

Laminated C2L Sheets.jpg

Best Practice: Laminated step-by-step instructions by the computer desk showing where to click and what the user sees.

5. Tracking more than just test scores: Another neat thing we have seen clients do is use our system to track when someone is due for a TB test or when a person’s driver’s license expires and they need to get a new copy on file in the business office.