The 4 Ps of Ensuring Compliance and Completion of Training.

Blog Post created by 1394772 Administrator on Sep 30, 2014

All I really know is what has worked for me over time…a lot of time…in fact I’ve been training staff in senior care settings since the 80’s. I currently oversee education and development for a large organization with around 65 separate senior care centers (mostly SNFs and some ALFs). I have to make sure that mandated training is assigned, completed, and documented (if it’s an offline course or live event) in all locations, and here are the 4 Ps that work  for me.


Be Proactive- have a plan! I have developed an annual training plan of when each mandated class is due. This plan is sent to every center, posted on our intranet, is and part of the orientation of all center-level nurse educators. Each month I send out a monthly version of that plan with links to specific content, instructions for conducting training, and reinforcing deadlines for that specific month. No one can say “I didn’t know!” (OK, they can…and sometimes will…but no one believes them!). I consider this “setting the expectation.” I also ensure that all training is assigned via a curriculum with advanced enrollment profiles set to catch new hires, give credit for courses recently completed, and otherwise automate the process.



Be Persistent…it’s true what they say… “Persistence pays off!” As deadlines approach I pull course status reports to show what percentage of training has been completed for each center, its region, the organization as a whole with reminders on where to find the content, what the deadline is, how to mark offline courses complete (if offline) and how to pull reports of their own data such as incompletion reporting. Follow up is one of the most time consuming and most effective methods of reaching any goal…invest the time and you will reap the rewards. The saved reports in the RLMS are invaluable for doing this.




Be Positive…keep your messaging positive. No one likes to be scolded, singled out, made to feel inferior or otherwise thrown under the bus! When I send messages showing each center’s completion rate I’ll often put a smiley face or a positive message such as “wow!” or “great job” next to anyone above 90%. You wouldn’t believe how many responses I get from folks who appreciated the encouragement, wondered why I didn’t give them a smiley this time, or when the next report would circulate so they could get a smiley! I know, I know, it’s crazy the power of a smiley! See, that made you feel good, didn’t it??


Be Patient! No matter how many times you communicate the same message (or teach the same material) there will always be someone who didn’t hear it, didn’t understand it, couldn’t pay attention to it at the time because of other priorities (most likely culprit), but they need the information NOW that everyone is looking at the fabulous (and persistent) reports you are generating. BE PATIENT…this is a teaching/learning opportunity to show people how to use the RLMS system, enforce training content, or other systems and expectations in your organization. Being patient with people is relationship building and makes most people want to respond to you more timely next time…because they like you…because you were patient with them and assisted them when they needed it.


So those are my 4 Ps for ensuring compliance and completion of training in my organization. I did forget to mention the one R that also helps me get there…Relias Learning! The assistance with curriculum assignments, advanced enrollment profiles, reporting, troubleshooting, etc. is invaluable in allowing me to work the 4Ps! Thanks Relias!


Now share with me how you get the job done…I’d love to know what works for you!