Debi Damas

Use of Hospice Services Decreases Hospital Admissions

Blog Post created by Debi Damas Support on Oct 15, 2014

According to an article recently published in JAMDA for every 10% of "hospice penetration" at a facility, re-hospitalization risk decreases 5.1% for non-hospice resident.  It decreases 4.8% for residents enrolled in a hospice program.


There were about 14,000 facilities included in the study.  When looking at the data, the found that 38% of non-hospice residents and 23% of hospice residents were hospitalized in the last 30 days of life.   It is hard to imagine that your loved one is dying.  The statistics speak to situations that we have all been in - family members do whatever they can in those last days to "save" their family member.  In some of these cases I am sure that there are no advance directives in place so providers need to act accordingly.


The relationship a facility has with hospice should be able to help family members and the resident cope with these difficult times.  Just like we call in an orthopedist or cardiologist to take care of our residents with joint or heart pain, we should be relying on the experts in helping our resident die with dignity and according to their wishes.


And remember, we have excellent content in our palliative care library to help your staff members move from a curative to a supportive role when the situation requires.  We are so used to operating from the perspective of making everyone better or the best they can be.  Sometimes the answer is so support them in those last hours and help give them a "good death".  For hospice providers, we have content for your hospice agency that includes the palliative care library mentioned above.


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