How do I add content to my courses?

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How do I add files and content to my courses?



Whether you're creating an online course, live event, or just setting up a requirement for tracking purposes, your first step will be to access Training and Enrollment. You will then select Courses & Enrollment and then + New Course or Event.

Once you have created the course or event shell in the system by saving attributes, you can proceed through a series of tabs in order to add all necessary content.
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Once you create a course or event a list of "tab" options will appear.  To add content to the course or event you should click on the Content tab.  If you created a live event you will also see an tab for Sessions.

Each element you add on the Content tab is called a Lesson. There are three primary types of content you can add as lessons:
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Author Content


If you don't need to upload a full file but have information you need to impart, just click on the "Content" tab beneath the Title field and create your own single web page file.  You can then enter in your own text (or HTML coding, if you click the HTML icon).  The Content tab is useful if you wish to create a single page lesson containing instructions or other brief information that doesn't need to be contained in a separate file.

File Content

This is the most common type of lesson to create.  Simply enter a title for your content and click on the Browse File(s) link.  This will cause a popup window to open.

Browse for a file
From here, you can click on the Upload File(s) link to add a file from your local machine to the system. Relias Learning for .NET can support any web-ready content (such as HTML, PDF or MHT files), as well as your own SCORM content.
Please note that SCORM content will automatically retitle according to the title used within the actual SCO file.

URL Content

You can also create a lesson that links to an external web page by using the URL content type.

If this user hits submit, learners will be required to access Google in order to complete the course
Please note that the system cannot track what learners do once an external URL is accessed; in this case, learners will receive credit for completing the section as soon as they click on the URL.
Once a file or URL has been entered as content, click "Save."
You can add as many lessons as you wish.  To modify an existing lesson, simply click on the lesson title and edit items such as the lesson title, the content, the lesson order (by dragging and dropping it above or below an existing lesson), or remove the lesson entirely.  Please note that removing a lesson will also delete any exam associated with the lesson.

If you are not working with a tracking course, you will receive a warning as soon as you add your first lesson to the system that the course currently contains no final exam. The warning is designed to remind you to add a final exam to the course.

Warning Message

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Courses that contain lesson content but no final exam will be registered as complete as soon as the learner has viewed each lesson.  You will not be prevented from continuing to work with the course, but the warning will appear until a final exam is created.



Attached is an additional document with a sampling of SCORM content and course creation tools that are compatible with the RLMS

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