Can a PowerPoint file be uploaded directly to the Relias LMS?

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Yes, a PowerPoint file can be uploaded to the Relias LMS, however our recommendations for uploading files include  MHTML, PDF, SWF, or other web-ready format.

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In general, we recommend uploading files in MHTML, PDF, SWF, or other web-ready format. While it is technically possible to upload a Microsoft Word, PowerPoint™, or other file as a course section, there are some items to note. It typically requires the learner to download the file first and then they must have the application(PowerPoint™, Microsoft Word) on their computer to view the file.
  • As web browsers offer improved firewall capability, many browsers block files that cannot open directly within the browser. While it is possible to override these settings, all too often the individual user is required to make multiple attempts to load the file before all firewalls have been disabled.
  • Many users do not have the necessary applications to view content that is not web-ready. In other words, if a learner attempts to load a PowerPoint™ document on a PC that does not have PowerPoint™, he or she will be unable to view the course.
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