Why can’t a Supervisor perform a certain supervisory function (e.g. mark learner completion, access the grade book, run reports, etc) within his or her hierarchy level?

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Supervisory functions are tied to the three supervisory roles, those roles include Enrollment Management, User Management, and Report Management. Certain functions cannot be performed unless the appropriate supervisory role is associated with the user profile.

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Supervisors have access to data at their hierarchy level according to the access rights the Administrator has granted. A Supervisor can have any combination of the following 3 roles:

User Management: Supervisors with this access level can add, and edit learner profiles or edit other supervisors who are within the User Management Supervisor's hierarchy folder.

Enrollment Management: Supervisors at this level can enroll learners in courses, events and curricula and can mark learner completions.

Report Management:  Use this level if you want to permit a supervisor to generate reports at his or her hierarchy level but do not want to permit access to areas of the site that would allow the supervisor to change data.

Any Administrator in your site can update a user’s profile to reflect Supervisor access by checking the applicable boxes on the right hand side of the user's profile, as seen below:


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