A learner sees this message: "You have reached the maximum number of times you may submit this exam."

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If the learner fails to pass in the set number of attempts the exam will be permanently marked failed. An Administrator or Supervisor will need to re-enroll the user in to the course/curriculum, and the learner will need to complete the content again.  The administrator may also change the course exam attributes or manually mark the user complete, if necessary. After the learner submits the failed exam, he or she will see:

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Article Detail

An Administrator can set the number of exam attempts in a final exam for an organizationally-created course. In general, Relias Learning recommends that the number of exam attempts be set to 0 (zero for unlimited attempts), or a very high number, especially if the course is assigned in a curriculum.

Please refer to the How-To Manual for more details on re-enrolling users, changing exam attributes, and marking users complete.

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