Why has CEBroker not been notified of my course completions?

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Relias Learning is approved by the Florida Board of Nursing, DC Board of Nursing, the Florida Board of Social Workers, Marriage and Family Therapists, and Professional Counselors, and the Office of Elder Affairs for continuing education credits.

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Once a learner completes a course, he or she must print one of the CEBroker approved certificates. The only certificates accepted by CEBroker are: APA, DC-RN, FL-SW, FL-MFT, FL- PC and FL-RN. At the end of the following month, the course completions are uploaded to CEBroker, based on the certificate printed. If the learner does not print the certificate or waits until the following month to do so, CEBroker will not be notified.


If the learner did not complete and print the certificate in the same month, it was completed more than a month ago, and CEBroker has not been notified, please have the learner do the following:


1. Print one of the accepted CEBroker certificates for each course (APA, DC-RN, FL-SW, FL-MFT, FL- PC or FL-RN.)  You can also save the certificate.  This will need to be uploaded later.  If the course does not contain one of the certificates, then it is not accepted by CEBroker.


2. Go to www.cebroker.com.  Here you can log into your CEBroker account.


3. Once logged in you should click on the "Report Continuing Education" option.  This will be under the "My Records" button.


4. From here you can report the completions.  The following links will provide more information about this process:

CEBROKER | How do I report courses?

CEBroker Blog- Relias Learning falls in to the 2nd sentence (“Those approved by Florida Boards will report for you.”), where we report the completions to CEBroker.

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