Why do learner enrollments no longer display for a past class/event session?

Document created by 850073 Support on Mar 10, 2014Last modified by 850073 Support on Jan 24, 2017
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Article Summary

If you log into the RLMS to update a class roster of learners with completion statuses, and notice that they have all disappeared, the first thing to do is compare today's date with the start date of the Event session.  Any incomplete active enrollments for sessions that are more than 45 days old will no longer display due to the past date of the session itself.

Article Detail

Active enrollments for a specific class or a specific event session will only display for 45 days beyond the actual session start date. Once the session start date is greater than 45 days in the past, the incomplete active enrollments will be removed. From the learner's perspective, if the training is a requirement, it will remain on the learners My Learning Current tab, but will reflect a Registration Pending status, requiring the learner to register for an upcoming session.

To mark learners complete after this has occurred, you will need to enroll the learners into the session again and mark them complete immediately, so that they are not removed again overnight.