How do I change an existing curriculum to have a fixed due date?

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To modify an existing, annually recurring curriculum from dynamic to fixed you will want to go to the TRAINING & ENROLLMENT tab. The default view will be the Curriculum List.


Next, select the name of the curriculum which you would like to modify.  Please be aware that only curricula recurring every 365 days can have a fixed due date.   You are able to modify a curriculum which recurs more than 365 days, but after changing the curriculum to fixed, the recurrence cycle will automatically be changed to 365 days.

After selecting the name of the curriculum, change the Frequency Type from "Dynamic" to "Fixed." Next, select the annual rollover date for each course within the curriculum.  Courses within a curriculum can have either the same or different annual due dates, but a due date must be assigned for each course   Select Save at the bottom of the page when you have made all changes. In this example, the first two courses would be due every January 1 and the last would be due every June 30.

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What will happen to users already enrolled in this curriculum?

Users already enrolled in the curriculum will continue to see due dates that they had before you modified the curriculum - their due dates will not change until they have completed the course(s) within the curriculum.  Once a course has been completed it will assign the course with the next chosen due date.   If you would like the users who are already enrolled to have the annual rollover date you will need to modify the users' course due dates by going into  Enrollment for each course in the curriculum and resetting the due dates. Or you can unenroll the users from the curriculum and re-enroll them.

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