Why did the course accreditation or certificate expire?

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Relias Learning provides two types of certificates, course by course and program accreditations.

A course by course certificate (ex. PDH) means that Relias Learning has to submit each individual course for approval to the accrediting body.  Upon approval of the course, Relias Learning can apply the certificate to the course for a specified period of time (usually one year) and then resubmit the course for reapproval before each expiration date.  If the course is about to be revised, however, there is no point in submitting it for approval, because the revision will warrant removal of the certificate.  Note, that some accrediting bodies only allow courses to be submitted once a year during a specific time frame.

When our accreditation department chooses which courses to submit for the course by course accreditations, they look at usage and value.  Because it is a very costly and  time consuming task, Relias Learning does not submit all of our courses to be considered for the course by course accreditation process.

If a customer requests that a certain course be submitted for a course by course accreditation, Relias Learning will be very responsive and consider the course for submission.

The second type of certificate is the national/state accreditation that Relias Learning calls "program" accreditations. Relias Learning is given a provider number and is allowed to review courses and assign certificates based on the criteria the accrediting body puts forth.  If Relias Learning assigns a certificate to a course that doesn't meet the guidelines, Relias Learning can lose its entire provider status and not be able to assign any of those certificates to any courses (examples of this type of accreditation are ASWB, ANCC, etc.).  Those certificates do not have an end date and Relias Learning is responsible for keeping the courses current and up to date.

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