Can I assign the same course to more than one curriculum?

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Yes, you assign a single training to a single user through as many curricula as you wish.

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Yes! In the Relias LMS you now have the ability to assign the same course to more than one curriculum.

If a user is assigned the same training in multiple curricula, the LMS follows the most aggressive rules possible for the training. For example, if one curriculum would have the training done on November 1, and the second would use an October 1 due date (within the same year), the system will assign the training with an October 1st Due Date for both instances.

Similarly, if one curriculum would have the training recur on a 180-day cycle, and the second curriculum would have the training recur every 730 days, The LMS will treat the training as due every 180 days.  And if the training carries different lockout periods under each curriculum, the smallest lockout period will be used.

Each completion of a training counts assigned under multiple curricula counts toward all of those curricula.  This does not mean the learner will receive double (or triple or quadruple) credit for the training – only one line will appear on his or her transcript.  But it also means that you can freely include the same course in both your (one-time) New Hire Training and (recurring) Annual Training without worrying that your learner will have to take it twice. The user can click on any of the instances to complete the course.