What is the Evaluation Template and how do I use it?

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If you create online courses in the RLMS, you may find yourself frequently reusing the same Course Evaluation questions. Rather than going through the cumbersome process of retyping the same text each time you create an evaluation, why not take advantage of the Evaluation Template? When you access the Evaluation template, you can add questions using the same interface you’d use to create survey questions for an individual course. You can add questions that will always be identical from course-to-course, or you can even add a question that you know you’ll want to customize later.

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To create an Evaluation Template, go to the TRAINING & ENROLLMENT tab, Course & Enrollments, then Evaluation Templates.

The Evaluation Template provides three Question Types: Multiple Choice, Range and Essay. You may select a different question type for each individual question that you enter into the Template. You can also create multiple evaluation templates as well. When it comes times to assigned questions to a course you can either choose one of your customized templates or individual questions.


Once you have created an Evaluation Template you may be wondering how and where do I use my Evaluation Template?

When you are ready to build an evaluation on a course, instead of manually inputting all your questions, you can simply click the “Assign a Template” or "Copy Questions from a Template" button on the Evaluation tab, and the evaluation questions will automatically be added to your course.

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At that point, you can go in and remove or customize any questions that need to vary, or add any new questions that are specific to the course.

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