How do I activate or deactivate a learner?

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You can change the active/inactive status of a learner by using the User Management screen, searching for the account, selecting the check box and then clicking the Activate or Deactivate button, whichever applies to your situation.  This is normally done when employees go out/return from medicalor sick leave, are terminated, or are rehired.

Please Note: When you create a new user and get a warning that a duplicate user name is detected, please check your Inactive User list to ensure a user has not already been created with the same user name. A user name cannot be duplicated since all records are tilted to the user name.

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You can change the active status of a learner by following these steps:

1.  Go to Users

2.  Change the drop down that reads "Active" to read "Inactive" or "All"

3.  Type the learner's last name in the search field and click the blue search magnifying glass icon.

4.  Click the check box next to the learner's name and then click the "Activate" button, if the user is inactive and "Deactivate" if the user is no longer using the Relias LMS.

NOTE:  When a user is marked as Inactive, all incomplete course enrollments will be removed from the account and only completions will remain. This means that if you reactivate a learner, he or she must be re-enrolled in required trainings.

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