The Relias Platform How-To-Manual

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The Relias Platform Learning Management System  

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A properly implemented Learning Management System (LMS) gives you all the tools you need to be able to distribute, implement, and track your training initiatives.  Many labor intensive tasks which tend to be unreliable or difficult to administer become automatic when using Relias.  The LMS allows you to distribute Relias courses to your Learners, but it also is a powerful tool for distributing your own content, tracking paperwork, and making sure that employees have met their annual requirements. The Relias LMS is more than a tool for on-line teaching, it is your pathway to automating all employee requirement tracking, event scheduling, AND information distribution all in one package.


Our online user manual is loosely grouped around the menus available to Administrators in the Relias  system.  Please understand that not all functions are available to all roles.  We will make the distinction clear within the text which roles can perform which functions.  Your role can only be changed by your LMS Administrator, not Relias Support.  Administrators can also activate and deactivate users within the LMS.


Please Note: Once you have opened an article from the list below, you can click Actions >  "View as PDF" button to the right side of the screen to download/print the information.



The Basics of your Relias Learning Management System


      1. Admin View
      2. Supervisor View
      3. Instructor View
      4. Observer View
      5. Data Entry View
    2. LEARNING (formerly Training & Enrollment)
      1. Training Plan Overview
        1. Training Plan Templates
        2. Creating a Training Plan
          1. Fixed Annual Recurring
          2. Dynamic Recurring
          3. Hire Date Recurring
          4. Birth Date Recurring
          5. Orientation Nonrecurring Reassignable
          6. Fixed Nonrecurring
          7. One Time Only NonRecurring
        3. Modifying an Existing Training Plan
      2. Enrollment
        1. Auto Enrollment
        2. Manually Enrolling Learners in a Training Plan
          1. Manual Enrollment - Reporting Start Dates
        3. Manually Enrolling Learners in a Module
      3. Modules 
        1. Searching for a Module
          1. Previewing a Module
        2. Adding Content to a Relias Course or Module
        3. Creating a Module
        4. Historical Upload Tool 
          1. Course
            1. Creating Content/Lessons for a Course
            2. Creating Exams
            3. Creating Evaluations
          2. Live Event
            1. Creating a Live Event
            2. Creating Sessions for a Live Event
            3. Managing Sessions for a Live Event
            4. Recording Attendance for a Live Event
          3. Skills Checklist
            1. Learner View
            2. Skills Checklists - Administrator Role  
            3. Recording Observations as an Observer or Data Entry
          4. Requirements Tracker
          5. Competency Review
            1. Creating a Competency Review Module
            2. Recording Attestations for a Competency Review Module
            3. Learner Self-Evaluations
            4. Email Templates for the Competency Review Module
          6. Paths
            1. Modifying Path Due Dates
            2. Manually Enrolling Learners in a Path
        5. Module Search Filters
        6. Exam Question Pool
        7. Evaluation Templates
        8. BrainSparks Management
        9. Course Updates, Archives, and Replacements Dashboard
        10. Session Locations
        11. Guest Instructors
      4. Policies & Procedures
        1. Creating a Binder
        2. Adding and Managing Documents in a Binder
        3. Enrolling Learners into a Binder
        4. Learner View of P&P
        5. Editor View of P&P
        6. Email Templates for P&P
      5. External Training Templates
      6. Video Files
      7. Career Paths & Enrollment
      8. Creating a Custom Certificate
      1. Hierarchy:The Basics
        1. Creating and Editing the Hierarchy
      2. Creating and Editing Users Manually
      3. Active, Inactive, and On  Leave Status
      4. User Permissions ( Relias Job Roles)
      5. Importing and Exporting Users
      6. Importing and Exporting Licenses & Certifications
    4. EFS SURVEYS - Please note this product is no longer available as an Relias Add On
      1. Author and Edit Survey
      2. Creating a New Survey
      3. Assigning a Survey
      4. Editing a Standard Survey
      5. Types of Survey Questions
      6. Survey Reports for EFS
        1. Key Performance Indicator (KPI) Comparison Report
        2. Survey Trend Comparison Report
        3. Survey Results Report
        4. Survey Response Rate Dashboard Report
    5. REPORTS
      1. Functions Common to Most Reports
      2. Saving a Report
      3. Scheduling Automated Reports
      4. Course Enrollments and Completions
        1. BrainSparks Utilization Report
        2. Course Completion History Report
        3. Course Enrollments Report
        4. Course Status Report
        5. Current Enrollment Status Report
        6. Employee Training Summary Report
        7. Exception Report
        8. Learner Status Report
        9. Training Hours Report
      5. Training Plans
        1. Current Training Plan Compliance Report
        2. Training Plan Completion History Report
        3. Learner Profile Report
      6. Course Analytics
        1. Course Evaluation Survey Analysis Report
        2. Exam Scores Report
        3. Item Analysis Report
        4. Training Effectiveness Report
        5. Domain Issues Report- for MDS RAI Exams 
      7. Live Events
        1. Attendance Status Report
        2. Event Attendance Report
        3. Event Schedule Report
        4. Instructor Event Status Report
      8. Competency Reviews
        1. Competency Review Detail
        2. Competency Review Export
      9. Policies & Procedures
        1. Document Version Statistics Report
        2. Learner Status - Policies & Procedures
      10. Additional Reports
        1. Bulk Certificate Printing Report
        2. EEOC Report
        3. Licenses and Certifications Export
        4. Pro-on-the-Go Utilization Report
        5. Team Leaderboard Export
        6. User Demographics Report
        7. Warning Emails Report
      11. Skills Checklists
        1. Module Completions Report
        2. Skills Checklist Analytics Report
        3. Skills Checklist Assignment Detail Report
    6. Site Settings
      1. Site Properties
        1. Settings
        2. Customize Languages
        3. End User License Agreement
        4. Referrer URL
        5. IP Address Whitelist
        6. SAML Single Sign On 
      2. Customize Site Appearance
      3. Announcements
      4. Articles
      5. User Profile Customization
      6. Required Fields
      7. Email Templates
      8. Leaderboard Properties
      9. Data Export
      10. Web Services 


    1. Enterprise Features
    2. Creating Subportals
    3. Accessing Subportals
    4. Sharing Content Among Subportals
    5. Reporting Across Subportals
    6. Enrolling Users Across Subportals
    7. Managing Learner Counts in an Enterprise
  2. LEARNER USER INTERFACE (UI) - see also Learner Support Portal 
    1. Learner UI-- My Learning Tab
    2. Learner UI-- Relias Connect
    3. Learner UI-- Licenses and Certifications
  3. GAMIFICATION - Overview
    1. Gamification-- Learner Dashboard
    2. Gamification-- Editing Your Crest
    3. Gamification-- Managing the Leaderboard as an Administrator
  6. HRIS INTEGRATION and FTP - Automate Your HR File to Communicate with Relias
    1. Text File Importing for HRIS Integration
    2. Text File Importing for HRIS Integration: Client FAQ Page
    3. Text File Importing for Licenses and Certifications
  7. Creating Your Master Account - The Shared User Model
    1. Learner Instructions   
    2. Administrator Functionality
    3. Sites Administrator Functionality

16. Troubleshooting the Module&Enrollment Pages or Report Pages



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