Can I have animation or rich media (audio or video) in my PowerPoint™ presentation?

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The Relias Learning System is capable of presenting virtually any web ready content, including rich media options such as video, audio,and flash animations.  In order to take advantage of these options, however, you'll need to understand how best to package your media elements.

When creating your own training material using PowerPoint™, animation or rich media (audio/video) should not be embedded into your PowerPoint™ file.  These features may cause errors when you try to upload the PowerPoint™ file, or will get lost in the conversion process when a PowerPoint™file is saved as anyone of these web-ready file formats: Adobe PDF file, Impatica HMTL.  For this reason, it is not recommended to use a PowerPoint™ file for courses that you want to contain animation or rich media.

If you are interested in creating courses that contain animations or rich media, Relias recommends creating your own SCORM course, as outlined in the knowledge base article What is SCORM and how can I test my SCORM content?.

There are several free applications available online to convert PowerPoint™ files to SCORM compliant Flash courses including iSpring Free