EFS - Are the surveys truly confidential?

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Many survey tools claim to be confidential, but circumstances can occasionally jeopardize the anonymity of the submitter.  For example, if a survey is assigned to a department with a single employee, then with nothing more than the department title, the employee can be identified.

The Relias Learning Employee Feedback System has taken steps to protect the anonymity of survey respondents.  Survey administrators will not be able to view any set of data with fewer than five responses.  If a department has fewer than five employees, or has fewer than five responses from their employees, then that department will not show results within departmental reports.  Survey responses in groups of less than five will, however, be included in all-staff, non-departmental reports.  It is also for confidentiality that the survey results cannot be viewed at an individual level.  This includes not being able to see who has or has not completed the survey.

Please note - Custom surveys could be created with questions that compromise the confidentiality features. Also, respondents could provide information in open ended questions that unintentionally identifies them.  It is the client's responsibility to design surveys that respect the confidentiality features of the Employee Feedback System.