Why can’t the learner access the exam?

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There are several reasons why a learner may not be able to get to the exam of a course and is most likely the result of missing a detail from the course instructions or content.

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The following are the most common reasons a learner may not be able to get to the exam:

1.    The exam may not be approved in the course.

2.    The user may not have fully completed the course content. Generally, all pages of the content must be accessed to record a completion for the material. This includes all interactive quizzes and content.

3.    The course may contain several sections of material and one of the sections was skipped.

4.    The Exit button may not have been pressed. Many of our courses have an Exit course button or link or instruction towards the end of the course on how the course must be marked complete.

5.    The user may be accessing the course through the Completed tab instead of the Current tab. The course links on the Completed tab are available for content reference but do not allow for an additional completion instance.


If your user has attempted all of the above options and is still unable to access the exam, please submit a support ticket with the user’s name, course code and specific issue and we can further investigate your case.

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