Requesting completions transferred from one Relias site to another- Transcript Transfer

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Article SummaryTransferring completions from one Relias organization to another
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This is called a Transcript Transfer.

This is one of the benefits of the Relias Learning Management System. This feature which will transfer all completions for a learner from one RLMS site to another RLMS site.  All Relias owned courses will appear on the learner's Completed Tab, along with the corresponding certificate (provided they earned the certificate with the course).  Courses owned and created by the prior organization will appear as External Training on the Learner's Completed Tab.


Please note, that this is an all or nothing transfer - meaning the transfer will share ALL completions. 


Please submit a ticket for a transcript transfer request to Customer Support. Include the site where the learner's records need to be transferred from and the destination site where the active username resides. Support will notify you once the transcript transfer has been completed.


You can submit your request by chat:

Or by Webform:


The request can be made by the Site Administrator, Supervisor, or the Learner. 




What happens if I do not want to share all completions?

Another option for the Learner is to create a Shared User account. This will link two or more Relias organization's together, if your Learner works for more than one company. This will only share the completions that match in either organization, and the Administrator has the ability to accept or refuse the completion on the Learner's record. 

Read more about the Shared User Account , sometimes called the Master Account -  Master Account - Creating Your Master Account (Shared User Model) - Overview 


A call to Support is not necessary to set this up. This can all be done from the Learner's profile with the Learner's personal email address. 

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