Relias LMS System Requirements

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System Requirements

The Relias Management System (LMS, or RLMS) is a browser-based application designed to help you manage your learning administration needs.  If you use a reasonably current operating system and web browser, and you have not made any unusual modifications to your setup, the RLMS should work for you and your Learners.  For those Learners who do encounter problems, the following documentation should help you troubleshoot.


What Do I Need to Do to My Computer to Use Relias?

Relias has specific minimum requirements to allow your system to fully operate on the RLMS.  To see if your system meets these requirements, go to your login page and click on the +View System Requirements link.

Relias recommends the following settings to enjoy the best RLMS experience.




Specific browser settings that may cause problems if modified include:

  • Not automatically refreshing from the server. If you click on an area of the application, such as a course, and find yourself viewing content you have seen previously rather than the content you expected, you may not be fully connected to the server.  
  • JavaScript not installed or disabled. JavaScript is now standard on all major operating systems and is required to use many features, such as drag-and-drop controls on the hierarchy, or to view certain course content.  Some earlier versions of Internet Explorer allowed the user to disable JavaScript on the Tools, Options, Advanced tab.  If you cannot enable JavaScript on your PC, please contact your organization's IT department.
  • Popup blocker enabled. Certain areas of the application, such as course activities or certificate printing, require popups.  If you use a current browser, it is likely that the first time you try to open a popup you will be prompted about whether to allow it.  The safest approach here is to set your popup blocker to allow popups throughout the domain.  If you are unable to do this, or are unsure of how to set your blocker permissions, you should hold down the CTRL key while clicking on the link.  The CTRL key universally overrides any popup blocker you might have on your computer.   Disabling Pop Up Blockers 
  • Adobe Flash plug-in not installed/enabled. When a user accesses course content that uses Flash, Relias LMS will check to determine whether the plug-in is installed.  If it is not, a dialog box should automatically open to allow the user to download the latest version from Adobe.  This dialog will not appear if the user's PC does not have security rights to download and install plug-ins.  Studies have shown that online learning is most effective when learners actively engage in coursework.  As such, many Relias  courses contain quizzes, games, and animations that allow learners to interact with courses.  Much of this multimedia interactivity leverages Shockwave Flash objects and requires the appropriate plug-in to be used.
    • Please Note:  Hardware that does not support flash, such as the iPhone, iPad, or most Android devices, cannot be used to access courses utilizing flash.  However, there are many applications available which can be installed to utilize flash on most mobile devices.   (i.e. Puffin Browser - It’s Wicked Fast! ) 
  • Adobe Reader plug-in not installed/enabled. While primary content from Relias is always delivered through browser-based language, supplemental material (e.g., fact sheets associated with content) may be delivered through PDF (portable document format).  In addition, many organizations upload their own content using PDF files.  Most recent systems come with the free Adobe Reader software pre-installed, but if you have uninstalled the software for any reason, or are using a non-Microsoft browser that requires an additional plug-in to view PDF documents you should make sure it has been enabled.


If you find that you have any configuration issues that were not covered in this document, please contact our Support Center directly for troubleshooting assistance.

Technical Guidelines for Relias

The following documentation is intended for IT departments that may need to modify settings for their organization.  The RLMS is a completely web-based application.  No application software is installed on the client side.  All application activity occurs on a web browser that communicates from the client to our servers using HTTPS (or MMS for streaming video content).

Beginning in 2018 all RLMS sites will be authenticated through HTTPS

This may affect custom course content on your site as all unsecured embedded links will fail to play.

If an HTTPS embed link is not available, please update the module to include the URL of the external content instead. This will direct the user to the external site off of the RLMS so the content can be accessed. This includes all YouTube or other content from the web. 


Your organization''s settings for Site Settings - SAML Single Sign-On for the Relias Platform  will need to be updated to allow for the HTTPS updates. 


System Requirements

  • Internet connectivity, broadband recommended
  • CPU 1GHz or higher recommended
  • 512 MB RAM or higher recommended
  • Courses are designed for a screen resolution of at least 1024 x 768.  Lower resolutions may be used but may require scrolling.
  • If using the trusted sites feature in certain browsers, Relias Learning recommends the following be added (Please Note: this is not a requirement to use the application)
  • Client-side JavaScript and VB script must be enabled
  • Adobe’s Flash plug-in must be installed for most Relias Learning courses, preferably version 8 or higher.  This is not a hard requirement although it is highly recommended for customers using Relias Learning courses.    Adobe Flash Player Install for all versions  
  • Client browsers must accept cookies from Relias Learning
  • Client browsers must allow pop-ups  Disabling Pop Up Blockers   
  • Many of our Hospice courses require Microsoft Silverlight.  If you are using our Hospice library, be sure you have an updated version of Silverlight installed and enabled.
  • If using Internet Explorer, Relias officially supports version 11


  • No ActiveX components are required to use the RLMS or other Relias applications
  • Firewalls must allow HTTP traffic on port 80.  Some videos require MMS traffic on ports 554 and 1755.  By default, these ports are open on most terminals.
  • Some functions allow Supervisors to send email to Learners (either en masse or individually) directly from the application.  This outgoing mail will come from  and   Please ensure the domain is allowed by your mail server and antispam software.

 Relias recommends making sure the following options are set if they have been modified (while these are all default options in older versions of Internet Explorer, many of these cannot be modified in Internet Explorer 10 and above): 

  • Advanced Internet Explorer Options
  • Disable Script Debugging
  • Disable Script Error Notifications
  • Disable page transitions
  • Enable automatic image resizing
  • Enable play animations in web pages
  • Enable play sounds in web pages
  • Enable play videos in web pages
  • Enable show image downloaded placeholders
  • Enable show pictures
  • Enable show image dithering
  • Enable allow active content to run in files on my computer
  • Enable empty temporary internet files folder when browser is closed

*Beginning 3/31/18, Relias recommends that Internet Explorer be upgraded to version IE11 for an optimal experience*

  Users who are using deprecated versions of IE can continue to use the site, but may notice isolated interface issues in parts of the site.


Mailgun Settings

  • Whitelist the following:
    •  and
    •  and
    • IP Address: