How do I submit a content or feature request? (submit your idea!)

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Creating an idea is a great way to get your suggestions out there! This will allow your peers and colleagues to vote on your idea and notify Relias of what really matters to our customers! Simply follow these steps to create an idea of your own!


There are several ways to create an idea for the Relias System. I will be outlining the easiest one.

Navigate to Feature & Content Requests

From the home page, click the Feature & Content Requests link in the navigation bar under Support. This will bring you to the Idea tank! Here you may submit your own or vote on ideas submitted by others.



Below are the instructions on how to submit your own!


Once on the Feature & Content Requests page, you should notice the large light bulb. Go ahead and click on it to start your idea creation process!



Create an Idea

This will bring you to the Create an Idea screen. Here you may give your idea a title and enter your text into the body, using the formatting tools available to customize it. Don't forget you can also @mention here!

What are @ mentions and how do I use them?

You may also add tags to your idea to make it more easily searchable. Use key words that pertain to your idea here.



  • Content Requests should be for suggestions to change or add courses within the system (If this involves issues with wording, typos, or any other individual course issues, please contact our Support staff). 
  • System or Feature Requests should be used for suggested changes or additions to the Relias system functionality . This could be reporting concerns, user entry, or any other idea to improve functionality of the RLMS.


Then simply click Publish to get your idea heard!


Create Idea.png


Vote on an Idea

To VOTE on an idea, simply scroll through the latest submissions on the Feature & Content Requests page and click on the arrows next to that idea. Up arrow to vote this idea up or down arrow to vote it down. You may also submit comments on these ideas by clicking on the idea title and clicking "Add a comment".  Also, if some ideas are longer you may notice a "Read more..." link. This will take you to the full idea where you can see the entire submission.



What Happens with Ideas?

Ideas help Relias know what is important to our users. The higher the score, the more likely it is that your idea could be part of our next product release. So post your ideas, vote and get your friends to vote!


Return to the Welcome page: Connect Admin - Outdated Welcome to Relias Connect to continue your tutorial


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