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I thought it would be good to include a list of terms that are used in Relias Connect for your reference. Terms will be in Bold, with definitions un-bolded. A link to more information may also be provided.


Space -  These are public areas in Relias Connect, where anyone can see or read the content. These are generally public areas. 
Some examples are Administrator & Supervisor Support Portal    Help Questions    Federal and State Crosswalks 


Group - This refers to the smaller, more intimate, sections of the spaces. Here is where customers can create their own content and make their page and content private.     Before you can participate in a group, you must first join it via an invitation from a group Administrator How do I follow a space or a group?

If you are interested in starting a private group for your company, let us know. We are happy to get you started!


Discussion - This is an informal way to connect with others. You may ask a question or post a topic that your colleagues and peers might find interesting. How can I create a new Discussion/Question?


Document - This is a more formal approach to a discussion. You may enter in all of your information and others can comment, but it is not as welcoming as a discussion. How do I create a new Document?

If you are in a Group, you must have Administrative permissions to add Documents. 

If you are in a Space, you must have document management permissions. Please let us know if you want to post documents. 


Blog - This is your soap-box. You may post anything that comes to mind (within reason) 



Idea - Use this to spread your idea among the community. Others can vote on it. More up-votes mean it is a very popular idea, and Relias will take notice! How do I submit a content or feature request? (submit your idea!)


Bookmarks - Bookmarks (also known as favorites) are an incredibly useful tool in Relias Connect which allow you to easily find content that you found interesting/helpful when you first read it. What are Bookmarks/Favorites and how do I use them?


Points - Points are earned by participating in the community. Nearly everything you do will earn you points. The specified item was not found.


Badges - Badges are earned by performing certain tasks in the community. These are viewable in your Reputation Center and can be added to your "Me in 3" section. How to add Badges to the "Me in 3" tab


Reputation -  Your reputation is determined by your activity, missions, places and ranking. You can see this by going to your icon in the upper right corner, and clicking on "view profile".

Activity - a list of points you have gathered 

Missions (see below)

Places - recent places you have visited on Relias Connect

Ranking - your place on the leaderboard as ranked next to other Relias employees and Connect users


Missions - Missions are certain tasks that you must perform to earn points. This can be as simple as creating a document or as hard as having to mark 5 answers correct AND 5 answers helpful within a month. Missions earn you badges. These can be viewed in your Reputation Center (see steps 1 and 2 of  How to add Badges to the "Me in 3" tab to see how to get get to your Reputation Center)


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