What are points? How do I earn them?

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You may notice the Leaderboard on the right side of the home page on Connect

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This is a list showing the current top 25 point earners in Connect. Follow the steps below to see how to earn points for yourself and place yourself on that board!

First, let's answer a common question: "What are points?"

Points are a way to track your involvement in Relias Connect. They are tied to your account and follow you all through the site.

This leads into the next question: "How do I earn them?" This is where the fun comes in!

Points are earned by completing Missions. Some of these include responding to a discussion or creating a status update. You can see a full list of Missions by following the steps below:

1. Click on the point total to the right of your name in the upper right-hand corner of the screen.

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2. After clicking your point total, click the More button:


This will bring you to your Reputation Center. You Reputation Center is where you can see all your Missions, create your Me in 3 badges (How to add Badges to the "Me in 3" tab) and see your ranking.

You will see on the left side of the page options including "Activity", "Missions", "Places", and "Ranking". To see your available missions, click on Missions.

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Once you click on Missions, you will be able to filter the results based on Completed or Not Completed Missions by using the drop down menu:

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You may then use this as a guide to complete missions!

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You may also notice that some missions have "Earn Again" listed on them. These missions are repeatable, so every time this action is performed you get those points! These include creating and voting on an idea (How do I submit a content or feature request? (submit your idea!)) or creating a status update (How can I update my status?) among many others!

All missions will include a little description that includes how many points they are worth and how to earn them, so get out there and start earning points and climb the leaderboard!

(What to do with these points will be coming soon, so stay tuned!)

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