RLMS User Manual Glossary of Terms

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Administrator- User Role

The highest level of site access. This role has full access to every area of your organizational site.

Career Path

A career path is a recommended group of courses or events which you may assign to users.  The courses and events will appear under My Learning on the Current Training tab as elective trainings which the user may unenroll from. This is usually intended for professional development within the organization

ModuleCourses and events may belong to course categories. Users are able to search for courses and events in the Learning Catalog via Categories.
ComplianceA user is deemed compliant if the user has either completed his/her requirements or the user's required by date is greater than or equal to the current date. The completion is non-compliant if completed after the due date. 

Courses can be added either by the Administrator, Supervisor,  or Instructor.

A Course is one type of Module

Training PlanTraining Plans  are groups of requirements that you can assign to learners as mandatory assignments.  By creating a Training Plan, you can easily and quickly assign a group of requirements to learner(s) and then report on and track compliance with those requirements (complete, not complete, compliance, etc).
EventEvents include learning activities that take place outside the regular online classroom such as seminars, in-person classes, live online synchronous meetings, media-based events (for example, a CD or a PowerPoint™ presentation that Learners can access from an in-house library) and external/other events. Similar to online courses, events are listed in the course catalog and are integrated into the student registration process.
HierarchyIn the Hierarchy, you can define groups of Learners called Enrollment Levels. Each Enrollment Level is represented by a folder in the Hierarchy 'tree.' In order to run reports, each learner must be assigned to a folder in the hierarchy. The hierarchy levels are used as filters for supervisor level access and to link the learner to his/her supervisor for the purposes of warning emails.
Instructor - User RoleAn Administrator may assign an instructor to one or more event sessions. Instructors are able to add additional events and courses.
Learner - User RoleThe basic access level; allows a user to take courses and events.
LocationSee also User Location

Sharable Content Object Reference Model (SCORM) is a collection of standards and specifications for web-based e-learning. All Essential Learning Open Library courses follow SCORM standards. If you have your own web content authoring tool, you can upload your own SCORM files directly to the system by clicking on "Import SCORM course" under the Learning menu.

For a full explanation of the SCORM standard in easy to follow terms, visit www.scorm.com.

Supervisor - User RoleA user management supervisor is able to add/deactivate users in his enrollment level and below. An enrollment management supervisor is able to enroll users into course, events, curricula and career paths. A report management supervisor can run reports for their hierarchy. 
User CategoriesUser categories may be used to enroll users into courses, events, curricula, and career paths. Users may belong to multiple user categories.
User LocationUser Locations may be used to filter reports and also enroll users into courses, events, curricula, and career paths. See also Location.
LocationEvents may be scheduled for locations in this list. New locations can be added by navigating to System - Maintenance - Location.
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