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When first logging into the Enterprise site, the Sites Administrator will see a list of all organizations in the Enterprise:

This Enterprise site consists of three organizations, including the Administrator Portal. You can also view Learner allocation here.

If the Enterprise is set up to allow the Sites Administrator full access to subportals, the Sites Administrator will see a link to “Go to Site” next to the organization name (this feature can be turned on or off on a subportal-by-subportal basis).  Clicking on “Go To Site” automatically opens a new browser tab and logs the Sites Administrator in as an Administrator to the subportal.

Once you have accessed the subportal, you can now perform any function that would normally be performed by the local Administrator in the site.  Please be aware that, from a technical standpoint, accessing a subportal logs you in under a generic Administrator account, so you will not be able to access your My Profile link within the subportal (i.e. since you do not actually have a profile in the subportal).

If you wish to work within your own site as an Administrator (or Learner or any other role), you should use the drop-down permissions menu in the upper right of your screen.  You will not see a “Go To Site” link next to your own organization since by definition you are already in your own organization’s site when you log on as a Sites Administrator.

The Sites Administrator role appears on your role dropdown just like any other permission level

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