Creating Subportals

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Creating Subportals

Enterprise sites can be given permission to create Subportal sites.  If this has been granted for your organization, when you log into the Admin Portal as a Sites Administrator, you will see a "+ New Organization" button in the upper, left portion of your screen.


Clicking on the "+ New Organization" button will bring you to a form to enter the information regarding the new Subportal you are about to create.  Once you save the information, the Subportal will now be available in the list of organizations when you log into the Admin Portal site as a Sites Administrator.

new org.png

You will be required to set the Name, URL, # of Full Access Learners, # of Restricted Learners, and Primary State for the new organization.  Please note: the URL must be unique across the entire RLMS platform, and will make up the "URL" address that those Learners will use to access their new account.

The option to set the site to Active is also on this page.  If you do not click this button, the site will remain in draft status, and no one will be able to log into this account.

If you wish for the Learners of this account to view the Newsfeed, please check the box to the left of the Newsfeed option.  Enabling this for the account will still allow you to limit which users are able to see it under the Settings page for this specific account.

Also, if you wish for the Learners of this account to view the Prescriber's Letter link on their dashboard, select the box to the left of the Presriber's Letter option.  Again, this will enable the feature for the account, but you can restrict which users can see it by going to the site's Settings page.

Finally, the Technical Contact Email will allow you to identify the person at this location who may be Relias Learning's technical contact for any IT related issues, such as HRIS integration and Single Sign-On.

Once you have filled out all of the appropriate fields, remember to click Save.

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