Site Administrator - Managing Learner Counts in an Enterprise

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Managing Learner Counts

Some, but not all, Admin Portals have permissions to manage the allocation of "seats" for active and restricted Learners among all of their Subportals.  Each Enterprise, (the overall account setup consisting of an Admin Portal and its Subportals), is allocated a number of active and/or restricted Learners which the Admin Portal can divide among all of the sites in the Enterprise.  When the Sites Administrator logs into the site, on the "Organizations" tab, they will see the number of Learner seats allocated and the number of Learner seats still available as a contractual allotment.  They can also see how many Learners each Subportal has activated and the number of Learners they have remaining for activation.

To update the number of active or restricted Learners, click on the Subportal name  

 Then complete the information in the section, as shown below. Increasing or decreasing the number of Learners will adjust the overall totals for the entire Enterprise. Allocations can be "moved" across Subportals by subtracting from one Subportal and adding to another.

Remember to click save when you are done editing.

Notes about user counts:

  • Total Learners allocated across the Enterprise should match total contracted Learners
  • The allocated Learners in a Subportal must be greater than or equal to the number of active Learners. Attempting to have more active Learners than the amount allotted will result in an error message.



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