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Required Fields

The Required Fields section is located within the Settings tab.

This section is used to determine which fields will be required when an Administrator or a Supervisor with User Management permissions creates a new Learner profile.  First name, last name, and password are required on all sites, and therefore cannot be removed as required fields.

Best Practice:  Making fields required helps you remember to fill out specific attributes when creating a new Learner.  It supports the integrity of site data and reports and helps maintain consistency of information.  Relias Learning also recommends requiring an email address for all Learners if possible.  This will allow your Learners to retrieve their own usernames and passwords should they forget, and will allow them to receive automated emails when modules are coming due.

To make a field required, check the appropriate box under the "Required" column. Click "Save" when done.


Self Registration columns: These columns will only apply if your organization has chosen to allow Learners to self register on the site.  In most cases, this is not applicable and the Administrator or Supervisor will be responsible for creating new Learners.


Show on Self Registration- Check the appropriate boxes here to determine which fields should appear when an account is created via self registration. You may select what personal information Learners will have the option to enter into their profiles.  They may choose to not enter information for these fields, and that is okay.


Required on Self Registration- Check the appropriate boxes to select which fields are required in order to create a new account via self registration.  In this case, if the Learner does not enter information for these fields, they will not be able to create their accounts.


Please Note: To turn on self registration in your site, go to the Settings tab and choose Site Properties on the left side of your screen.

Scroll down to the
Miscellaneous Site Settings section and check the box for "Allow users to self-register."  Click "Save" when done.

User Changeable Column:

As an Administrator, if you would like to allow your Learners to update any of their account profile information, those options can be selected here. To update their information, Learners would select the "My Profile" link on the top right corner of their screen. For example, if you want to allow your Learners to change their own account password, check the
"Password" box in the User Changeabl
e column, and then click "Save."

If you would like to "lock" an attribute so that the Learners cannot edit this information, simply uncheck the applicable box to prevent them from changing it.

Please Note: Any options that are left unchecked can still be updated by an Administrator or User Management Supervisor in the Learner's User Profile. 

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