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Email Templates

Email Templates are custom made emails designed for specific communication scenarios in the Relias Platform.  These are available for Administrators to edit and customize for the specific needs of their organization.

Administrators can find Email Templates under Settings > Email Templates as demonstrated below.

To edit system emails:

  1. Select the "Type" of email from the drop-down box.
  2. Use the provided tools to edit the content of the email
  3. Click "Save" to make sure your changes are saved.
  4. Once a default email template has been customized the "Reset to Default Template" button will be enabled. This will reset the template to the original Relias created default template. 


IMPORTANT: Areas inside of brackets are auto-filled by the system.  For example, [learner_name] will automatically populate with the name of the Learner receiving the email.  To customize the emails, Relias recommends only editing the areas outside of the brackets.



For a full list of Email Templates and their descriptions, click on the "+Descriptions and Use Cases" link beneath the Save button as highlighted in the image below. 






There are some email templates you can discontinue sending to everyone within your organization's Relias site. To discontinue, select the email template from the "Type" drop down box. At the very bottom of the box, please select "No" for Approved.  Then save your changes. If you wish to reinstate them, you can at any time by changing the Approved option to "Yes"





You should be aware of the Email Templates available to you in your site.  The table below should help you determine exactly when some of the more common emails will be sent. 

To go back to the list of help topics, you can view them from the The Relias Platform How-To-Manual 

EmailWhat is it?What triggers the email?Frequency     
Contact UsAn email from a Learner who has clicked on the "Help" link at the top of their screen in order to get help or information from the administrative liaison designated under the Settings > Site Properties > Contact Email.A user clicks the “Help” link in the upper right corner of the site.Immediately
Contact User TemplateThis is the template used for any email generated by an Administrator, Supervisor, or Instructor to a specific Learner or Learners through the interface (e.g., emailing a Learner from the enrollment tab).  The actual message will appear where the "[message]" text appears on the template.An Administrator, Supervisor or Instructor manually selects an email option from within the interface (such as by clicking the envelope icon next to a Learner name on an enrollment roster).Immediately
Course from InstructorAn email from a course Instructor to all enrolled Learners. The Instructor can enter text in the body of the email.The Instructor clicks on the “Email Learners” button from the course enrollment tab.Immediately
Email ReceiptSent as a confirmation email whenever a user sends an email via the Relias LMS.Serves as a replacement for a “sent box”, users that send mail via the LMS are sent a copy of their message for tracking purposes and record keeping.Immediately
Event AlertAn email from an event Instructor, Administrator, or Supervisor to all Learners in a specific session.The Administrator, Supervisors, or Instructor clicks on the “Email Learners” button from the course enrollment tab for a specific event.Immediately
Event Learner Un-enrollmentAn alert to a Learner that he or she has been un-enrolled from an event.The Learner is removed from the event by another user (i.e. Administrator, Supervisor or Instructor).Immediately
Event Registration ConfirmationConfirmation to a Learner with specific event details after the Learner enrolls in an event.The Learner completes self-enrollment in an event.Immediately
Event Registration Confirmation – InstructorNotification to an event session Instructor that a Learner has registered.A Learner completes self-enrollment for an event.Overnight
Event Registration Needs Approval - SupervisorSent to a supervisor when learners have enrolled in event sessions and require approval.Supervisor users receive batches of event wait list enrollments to prompt them to log in to the LMS and approve large amounts of learners at once.Immediately
Event ReminderReminder to a Learner that an event session is approaching. Not sent to wait listed Learners.Event Session dates trigger these automated emails.Reminders sent: One week before event session date, one day before event session date, and day of event session.
Event Session ChangeNotification to all enrolled Learners in a specific session that details of the event (e.g., date and time, location) has changed.The user creating the change must check the box on the sessions page to notify enrolled learners of the change (this allows administrators and instructors to differentiate changes to significant features such as date or location from changes to features not relevant to learners, such as the maximum permitted enrollment count).Immediately
Event Wait List PromotionNotification to a Learner on the wait list that he or she has been promoted to full enrollment in the session.Another Learner’s withdrawal triggers the promotion or an Administrator, Supervisor or Instructor promotes the Learner manually.Immediately
Failed PowerPoint to SCORM ConversionThis email will be sent to the administrator or instructor when a PowerPoint file fails to convert to SCORM within the Relias Platform.An administrator uploads a PowerPoint and selects to convert the file to SCORM. The conversion fails, and the administrator is notified via email.Immediately
Learner Training Approved or DeniedSent to a learner when a supervisor approves or denies external training requests.In order to inform the learner that their requested external training has been approved or denied and will be reflected on their transcript, they are sent this email.Immediately
License Certification Renewal ReminderSent to a learner when there are upcoming certification renewals, sent a chosen number of weeks before as a reminder.Automatically generated email meant to keep user informed that there is a renewal date upcoming.Sent on mail date at the chosen number of weeks selected by learner before license renewal date.
Learner Event Withdrawal - Supervisor

Notification to specific user that a Learner has been removed from a course or event.  

A Learner is removed from a course or event. If withdrawal is through the Administrative interface (i.e. course and event enrollment tab), notification is sent to the Learner.Immediately
Missed or Excused Absence Notification - LearnerSent to a learner when the learner is given an attendance status of missed or excused absence for a live event.The learner will be aware when an attendance status of missed or excused absence is given, so that the learner may sign up for another live event session.Overnight
Monthly Course UpdatesSent each month to all Administrators  and Supervisors with Enrollment Management in your RLMS siteThe administrators and enrollment supervisors are made aware of all course changes including replacements, archives, and newly released courses. This will be in addition to the course updates section under Training and Enrollment.Monthly
Notification of Linked Master AccountSent as a notification to administrators and supervisors whenever a learner links their local account to their Master Account.If a learner takes courses from multiple organizations and chooses to share their training records between organizations, this email notifies the administrator and supervisor the moment when the learner has linked their local account to their Master Account.Immediately
Password ReminderNotification to a Learner of his/her password.A Learner requests his or her password.  Learner must provide last name and email, and the email is only sent to the address associated with the specific Learner.Immediately
Pending Training RequestSent to a supervisor when a learner requests external training, requiring approval.When a learner adds external training to their transcript, it must first be approved or rejected by their supervisor. This email is triggered for the supervisor to log in and manage external training requests.Overnight
Recorded Attendance Notification - SupervisorsSent to a supervisor when learners in his hierarchy node are given an attendance status for a live event.Supervisors will be aware of learners who attend or miss a live event training as attendance for the event is recorded.OvernightImmediately
Relias Learning Account InformationSent to a learner to provide account log in information. This email contains the organizations URL, username, and the verification code.
This email is sent when an active new user is created in your Relias LMS site, and when an inactive or on leave user's account is reactivated.Immediately
Requirements Tracker Submission RequestAn email sent when learner has a copy of his/her current professional license, and wants to submit a copy of the license to his/her supervisor so that he/she may be marked as complete for a requirement tracker.This email will be sent to a learner's supervisor when the learner submits a request for the supervisor to review his/her Requirements Tracker completion/attachment.Overnight
Training Alert - LearnersSent to a learner when incomplete courses are approaching their due date.A learner may not sign in to the LMS regularly, and instead relies on email contact to know when courses are approaching their due date.Sent weekly on "Mail Day" beginning 30 days before a due date. Sent daily during last 5 days before course due date.
Training Alert - SupervisorsSent to a supervisor when learners assigned to them have training that is upcoming or overdue.This email is triggered by upcoming course due dates, and is sent to a learner’s supervisor to help them manage their students. This email includes a table of the supervisor's (notifications recipient) learners who are within 30 days of their due date.Weekly on "Mail Day".
Video Conversion FailedThis email notification is sent to the administrator or instructor that uploaded the video if it fails to convert within 48 hours.An administrator or instructor wants to be notified if the streaming media file he or she is uploaded into the Relias Platform fails to convert.Immediately