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The RLMS gives you access to Articles (formerly called Newsfeed) that directly relate to the services you provide, the populations you serve, and other helpful information.  The Articles can be found on the Dashboard for all user roles and on the My Learning page for Learners.

To manage the Articles, go to Settings > Articles.


  1. Clicking the Articles sub-tab will allow you to manage the settings of your Articles.
  2. A check mark in the Active box makes the Articles visible on your site.  If you do not want any of your users to see the Articles, uncheck this box.
  3. If your Articles are active, you can determine if you want it to be visible to all users, or if you would prefer that only certain users see it.
    1. If you want ALL users to see the Articles, leave the Attributes boxes empty.  By default, all users will be able to view the Articles.
    2. If you prefer to narrow down the users who can see the Articles, select specific attributes (job titles, departments, custom fields, user roles, etc.) from the drop-down boxes.  Only people with those attributes will be able to view the Newsfeed.
  4. Remember to click save when you are done.


Once you are done editing the Articles' settings, you can view the Articles on your Dashboard, or on the My Learning tab as a Learner.

Please Note: though they may be difficult to see depending on the color settings of your site, there are arrows at the top and bottom of the Articles to help you scroll through the relevant articles.  If you would like to change the color settings of your site, please see Customize Site Appearance.

Also, it is not possible to edit the individual Articles that display.  This information is provided by Relias Learning for all clients, and it cannot be changed at a site level.


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