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Web Services


Web Services allows our customers' IT teams to use the Relias API (Application Programming Interface) to run various web calls to do things such as create/delete Learners, obtain metadata on courses, obtain data on Learner profiles,etc.  Customers who use web services can automatically transfer data to and from Relias Platform, give employees a Site Settings - SAML Single Sign-On for the Relias Platform , and download any data the company collects.


To Access Web Services, go to Settings > Web Services.



Standard Web Services


Relias makes every effort to integrate with our customers’ existing information systems.  As such, Relias has designed our software to be easily integrated with the wide variety of computer systems seen throughout the human services industries.


What are Web Services?


Web Services are a way for disparate computer systems to communicate with one another over the Internet.  In the past, computer applications often lived on a single server that was accessible only by employees of the company, but as communications have become more affordable and reliable many applications are now made up of various programs running on servers spread throughout the Internet.


For example, Company A may provide the  shopping cart while Company B processes credit cards; the customer has a seamless experience but the technology used to facilitate this could belong to multiple companies running different hardware, software, etc.  By “talking” through web services, Companies A and B can work together, with each vendor specializing in what it does best.


Relias has invested in web services technology to allow our customers to integrate training with HR systems or the corporate intranet.  This allows your employees to seamlessly navigate to our training system and back to company systems without having to enter multiple passwords (Single Sign On).  It can also allow companies to automatically transfer new hire demographics, terminate employees, set training requirements, and fetch reporting data – all automatically without manual staff intervention (HRIS/Human Services Integration System).


How Do I Integrate?


Web Services make integration much easier than it would have been in the past, but it does require programming to establish the communication rules between the software systems.  A Web Services Description Language (WSDL) is used to define the rules for communication between the different systems (parameters, structure of data produced, etc.). 


Do you have an existing Intranet?  If yes, can you build a link on the intranet?  If yes, you can retrieve your GUID (Global Unique Identifier) and begin the process.  At Relias, Web Services are available out-of-the-box.  Contact Relias Support to obtain more information specific to your needs.  You, the customer, will define the scope of integration, i.e. deciding how much automation is needed.  Some customers use web services simply to avoid double data entry of employee demographics while others fully integrate and manage training through their HR system, run compliance reports using business intelligence tools, and so forth.


After determining the scope of integration, Relias schedules a kick off call with the programmer involved to go over the integration process, talk about scheduling and pitfalls to avoid.  Development time may vary depending on the level of integration and experience of the programmer, but it typically ranges from a few days to a few weeks.


 You may also view the attached document at the bottom of this article, which goes over different data sets.



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