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Training Effectiveness

This report displays individual Learner module completion data including exam score and completion date.  The report is designed to help you evaluate the effectiveness of your courses by displaying the individual Learners' pre-exam scores next to their final exam scores.  If you are not using pre-exams in your courses, you can still use this report to compare Learners' final exam scores.

If you have not already reviewed the training materials on Functions Common to Most Reports please do so before continuing with this report.

Access this report under Reports > 

Section 1: Filter By Hierarchy allows you to filter your report based on hierarchy levels. If you wish to run the report for all Learners, leave this field blank.


Section 2: Filter By Course is a required field in this particular report. You will need to choose a specific module for which the report will generate its results. To do so, you will click the "+ Add Module" button. In the new window that appears, search for the module that you wish to choose. Then, click the "Select" button to the left of the module title.


Section 3: Filter by User Attributes allows you to filter which learners will be included on the report. To run the report for all Learners, leave these fields blank.


Section 4: Report Output will allow you to choose your Completion Date Range as well as give you the ability to add Optional Columns to your report.


Below is an example of a Training Effectiveness Report run for the past year. It is run for a module that did not include a Pre-Exam, so the Pre-Exam field reads "N/A" for all Learners.


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