Report - Training Plan Completion History

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Training Plan Completion History

This report shows historical completion and compliance data for training plans as of the reporting close date. This report can be used to get a snapshot of how Learners have done with completing their training plans in a timely manner over a certain time frame.

For purposes of this report, a Learner is considered compliant if he/she is not yet past the due date for a given training plan enrollment.  Learners are considered non-compliant if they have passed their due date without completing their requirement.

If you have not already reviewed the training materials on Functions Common to Most Reports please do so before continuing with this report.

Access this report under Reports > 

Section 1: Filter By Hierarchy allows you to filter your report based on hierarchy levels. If you wish to run the report for all Learners, leave this field blank.


Section 2: Filter by Training Plan allows you to choose the training plan that you wish to report on. If you want to run the report for more than one plan, hold down the Ctrl key on your keyboard and select multiple training plans.  If you wish to see results for all training plans, leave section 2 blank.

Section 3: Filter by User Attributes allows you to filter which Learners will be included on the report. To run the report for all Learners, leave these fields blank.


Section 4: Report Output allows you to set additional parameters for your report .

First, you will set the Close Date Range. This will pull any training plan that have a close date within the time frame chosen. The close date for each training plan type is:

  • Non-Recurring - the close date occurs once all modules in the training plan are completed
  • Dynamic Recurring - the date is simply the recurrence cycle (such as 365 days for an annual training plan) added to the reporting start date
  • Fixed Recurring - the date will be the close date you entered on the Training Plan Details page


You can also choose how your report will be grouped: by Departments, User Locations, Job Titles, Learner, Employment Type, or User Categories.


Finally, you can choose to Include Current Training Plans to include all actively assigned training plans.  You also have the option to add a column for username onto your report.

Below is an example of a Training Plan Completion History report run with a Close Date of 1/1/2016-12/31/2016 for the Annual Training for All Staff Annual grouped by Departments. To see the details for each Department, click the "+" to the left of the Department name.

To see the compliance for each Learner enrolled into a particular training plan, click on the title of the training plan. This will bring up a separate window with:

  • Learner - Learner's name
  • Complete - the Learner's progress (Not Started, In Progress, Completed)
  • Compliant - "Yes" if the Learner is compliant, "No" if he or she is not
  • Close Date - the training plan close date


To see specific information for one Learner, click on the Learner's name. This will re-direct you to that Learner's Current Training page.

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